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My Winter Skin
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My Winter Skin

£150.00 | set of 5

Designed to soothe and repair skin during the winter months.

Thanks to central heating and freezing cold temperatures that can disrupt the protective skin barrier, skin becomes increasingly dehydrated and sensitised. To nurture vulnerable skin from top to toe, the de Mamiel My Winter Skin Kit is a comprehensive collection of Annee’s own essential and most restorative products. As with every de Mamiel product, everything in the kit is designed to be used as part of a hard working routine that works quickly to soothe and repair skin.

  • Mini Dewy Facial Mist 30ml

  • Mini Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir 5ml

  • Full Size Winter Facial Oil 20ml

  • Mini Skin Recovery Blend 5ml

  • Full Size Revitalising Body Serum 100ml

Our skin can be tricky in the Winter, we can easily think we just need more, less is often more when it is fine tuned to what we need. A balance of water for hydration and oil for moisture help feed and repair the skin and replenish the skin barrier which is under fire constantly from icy wind, snow, rain and central heating. My Winter Skin helps counter Winter’s harshness to deliver hydrated, dewy skin.“

Annee de Mamiel

Our story

de Mamiel was founded by skin health specialist Annee de Mamiel after studying first hand the effects of modern day life on real people's skin in her clinics in both the UK and US. After seeing how her formulations transformed her clients' comlpexions, Annee's was inspired to create a brand which enabled people to feel the best version of themselves every day. The result is a collection of products that integrate science, nature and the senses to restore skin's integral glow and bring it back into balance.