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A Guide to the Sleep Series

A Guide to the Sleep Series
Our dedicated Sleep Series collection has something for everyone, whether you struggle to drift off or you need a morning boost.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health and wellbeing. Good quality, regular sleep helps re-energise our brain cells, repair our skin, maintain optimum levels of productivity and strengthen every major system in our body including our immune, respiratory, endocrine and central nervous systems.

Although getting enough sleep is so important, there are myriad reasons why it may be hard to come by. While a poor diet, excess caffeine and some types of medication can all contribute to poor sleep, stress is a major contributing factor when it comes to disrupted and unhealthy sleep habits. When we’re stressed it causes a surge in adrenal hormones such as cortisol, throughout our body, which is responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ response. When we’re exposed to high cortisol levels, our sympathetic nervous system kicks in and our alertness increases, making it almost impossible to relax into a deep and restorative slumber. If elevated stress levels make it hard to get a decent night’s sleep, it also means our brain is unable to perform the crucial regenerative tasks it needs to at the end of every day. And of course, if the source of stress isn’t properly addressed and the body remains on high alert, this pattern will continue, leading to a cycle of poor sleep and exhaustion, which can lead to reduced productivity, a compromised immune system and even the risk of diabetes and heart disease over time.

The de Mamiel Sleep Series was created to address the issue of sleep and stress by looking at the root causes. Formulated by Annee after years of research and testing, the Sleep Series was created to help promote better sleep, support our general wellbeing and to combat the effects of daily stresses on our skin. Rather than being quick fixes, each of the products in the collection will work gradually over time to improve our quality of sleep and enable us to get the reparative and restorative sleep that is so important. Each product is formulated with a potent blend of base oils designed to promote maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals including magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, that are vital for sleep, alongside essential oils that have been carefully selected to address each sleep concern.

Here’s how to find the right product for you…

What you feel: You have difficulty switching off and find it hard to fall asleep. What it will do: Help calm a racing mind and encourage you to slip into peaceful slumber.

What you feel: You have trouble staying asleep because you’re tossing and turning, and you frequently wake in the night. What it will do: Help reinstate a little calm and rid the mind of anxious thoughts so that you can drift back to sleep more easily.


What you feel: Burdened with worries, anxieties and stressful thoughts that prevent you from sleeping or falling asleep. What it will do: Restore a sense of balance to a tumultuous mind and offer a helping hand to gently induce a sleepier state of mind.

What you feel: Constantly feel overtired no matter how much sleep you’ve had or like you cannot wake up in the morning. What it will do: Unlock your energy reserves to revitalise and refresh a sluggish mind and body.

What you feel: Foggy when you wake and like you need a little boost to kick start your morning mood. What it will do: Offer a boost of positivity, clear stagnant stale energy and offer a burst of brightness to set you up for the day ahead.

The Power of Aromatherapy

At de Mamiel we are passionate about aromatherapy and what it can do. Read on to see how it works…

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