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Our products and ingredients

Our founder Annee is the magic behind all our products, her holistic approach to skin health can be felt in all our formulas. Annee's mission with de Mamiel is to enable people to feel good, look good and do good everyday by inspiring small healthy habits with big results to your wellbeing. 

Founder Annee's holistic and rounded approach to skin health is what sets de Mamiel apart, and her mission to enable everyone to look and feel good about themselves is what underlines every product in the range. Thanks to Annee’s steadfast belief in creating only products that are necessary and proven to work, most of our products have been over two years in the making.

With years of clinical expertise, the foundation of every de Mamiel product begins with a problem inspired by Annee’s patients or everyday modern living. Using meticulous research and science-backed data, Annee creates products that provide proven solutions that enhance mind, body and skin and deliver visible and lasting results. Every formulation in the range combines the very best of science and nature using ingredients that are sourced from the finest, most sustainable suppliers and cause no unnecessary harm to people or our planet.

All product production is undertaken in the de Mamiel lab in Hertfordshire, a place that combines Annee’s scientific know-how alongside a touch of de Mamiel magic in the form of crystals built into the floor to cleanse all the raw ingredients.

Each product is meticulously formulated and hand-blended to ensure not only absolute purity, but that the customer experience is a ritual that delights and immerses the senses from the moment of first use.