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My Summer Skin
My Summer Skin

My Summer Skin

£140.00 | set of 4

Designed to restore equilibrium.

During the summer months our skin is exposed to environmental changes which can cause stress to the skin’s integral balance. The 'My Summer Skin' collection has been curated by Annee de Mamiel to support your skin with strengthening it's own natural protection whilst offering soothing post-sun care when skin needs it most.

This collection features the 2021 blend of the Summer Facial Oil which is ideal for addressing all that skin needs during the warmer months. The blend, which is ready to use as of the Summer Solstice on 21st June, contains a combination of powerful plant oils, extracts and essences which have been specifically chosen to enhance vitality and radiance and to offer skin the healing, balancing and calming care it needs when contending with rising temperatures and a change in environment.

  • Full Size Summer Facial Oil 20ml
  • Full Size Pure Calm Cleansing Dew 100ml
  • Mini Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir 5ml
  • Mini Skin Recovery Blend 5ml

“Summer is a time for joy and celebration, it’s when we are at our most yang – the fire in our soul is ignited which gives us energy. I created this collection to nourish and protect our skin, balance our emotions and help sustain that sunny spirit so we can enjoy long days and restful holidays.

Annee de Mamiel

Our story

de Mamiel was founded by skin health specialist Annee de Mamiel after studying first hand the effects of modern day life on real people's skin in her clinics in both the UK and US. After seeing how her formulations transformed her clients' comlpexions, Annee's was inspired to create a brand which enabled people to feel the best version of themselves every day. The result is a collection of products that integrate science, nature and the senses to restore skin's integral glow and bring it back into balance.