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VCH for de Mamiel Real Rest Kit

VCH for de Mamiel Real Rest Kit

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To celebrate World Sleep Day, in partnership with the lovely Virginia Chadwick Healey (, we have put together a selection of products to help you get your best rest.



Ease the turmoil of constant worry in your mind and stomach when troubling thoughts just won't go away.

Restorative Cleansing Balm 100ml

Begin the process of winding down, wash away the days stresses and grive while feeding and nourishing your skin.

Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir 3ml

A luxury travel size of our Elixir to bring your skin back to balance and repair the damage caused by the days stresses while you are sleeping.


A place to capture your thoughts so you can let them go and allow yourself to drift off into restful sleep. Keep it by your bedside and use it before you go to sleep or if you wake in the night so that you know that important thing will be waiting for you in the morning.

"Skin Recovery Blend began its life many years ago as an oil I developed for my patients suffering with eczema. I added some soothing butters, some healing clay and some cape chamomile and together they offer compromised skin a layer of soothing protection."

Our story

de Mamiel was founded by skin health specialist Annee de Mamiel after studying first hand the effects of modern day life on real people's skin in her clinics in both the UK and US. After seeing how her formulations transformed her clients' comlpexions, Annee's was inspired to create a brand which enabled people to feel the best version of themselves every day. The result is a collection of products that integrate science, nature and the senses to restore skin's integral glow and bring it back into balance.